Symphony Candles are covered by a standard 1 year warranty. Any warranty provided is wholly supported and fulfilled by Symphony Candle, beginning from the date the product arrives with you, the customer, and ending on the exact date corresponding to the number of years the warranty covers.

The warranty will cover any and all defects caused by manufacturing errors which could include material wear and tear, workmanship defects or broken components under normal standard use.

The warranty provided will not cover accidental damage caused by connecting said goods to unstable electrical supplies (such as electricity generators), goods being physically damaged such as being dropped, water damage or loss and theft.

The warranty also does not cover any signs of the component being opened by an untrained and unauthorised person that is not a highly skilled, professional Symphony Candle technician. This will invalidate the warranty completely.

In case of warranty fulfilment, the product will be comprehensively covered, serviced, and repaired right here in the United Kingdom.

Symphony Candle will repair the product at no further cost to yourself whilst the goods are still under warranty.

Symphony Candle will repair any broken parts of the goods using new or replacement parts and if Symphony Candle is unable to do this, the product will be exchanged with a new product of similar specifications or if not - greater at Symphony Candle's full discretion and choice.

Symphony Candle will not be held responsible for any costs incurred or loss of goods during transit to the Warranty Fulfilment Centre in so which Symphony Candle recommend sending any and all returns via a tracked shipping service for proof of delivery. Your legal rights are not affected by the Terms and Conditions of this warranty.