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Symphony LED Candle (Neon Orange) Music Sensing

Symphony LED Candle (Neon Orange) Music Sensing

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100% Paraffin Wax, (candle body) and Silicone (Flame)


3×6 inches, 3×7 inches, 3×9 inches (2 x C Batteries /Duration: ~500 hrs);

3.5×6 inches, 3.5×7 inches, 3.5×9 inches (2 x D Batteries);

5×6 inches, 5×7 inches, 5×9 inches (2 x D Batteries);

3×4.5 inches (2 x AA Batteries

Part of the ‘Signature Collection’ from Symphony, the ‘Neon Orange’ candle boasts a rustic finish to nicely compliment the bright seasonal orange colouring of this chic and unique candle. The choices of colours throughout the ‘Signature Collection’ have been specifically chosen for their popularity, their vivid and eye-catching style, and their ability to fit in any room, no matter the décor.

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    Really dances to your music

    Patented music sensor

    Rythm sensing flame means the candle flame will sync to your music or glow more vivid or dim depending on the music or volume up down.

    Real flame effect

    Real flame effect just like a real candle for the best visual experience thanks to its silicone with a magnetic lorem ipsum

    Real wax finish

    Made from real wax, hand poured just like a real candle!

    Rainbow of colours

    Rainbow of colours and finishes to suit your decor and mood from classic white and ivory to zesty neons to natural finishes like bark.

    • Soaking in the bath

    • Entertaining guests

    • Relaxing by the fire

    Remote control for ease

    Enjoy your led candle with 4 modes of remote operation.

    1. Rhythm-Sensing mode/Natural flickering mode, 2. Full/Moderate Flame, 3. 4-hr Timer, 4. On/Off

    Dance or natural flame

    Activate the patented music sensor and enjoy the flame dance to your music or use the natural flame mode for a real candle experience.

    High or low flame

    Adjust your Symphony flame intensity to high or low flame flicker to suit your mood and ambience.

    Timer / 4 Hours

    Save your battery life and enjoy the experience for longer by activating the timer mode. Your Symphony candle will switch off after 4 hours, plenty of time to drift away in harmony.

    500 Hours Battery Life

    Your Symphony Candle is energy efficient lasting 500 hours using 2 D cell batteries, thats weeks of continious musical joy.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Flickers in time with my Piano

    I really enjoy watching the flame react to the music I'm playing. Put the piano on demo mode so you can see the candle in action. I don't have enough hands to play and record!

    Happy with this purchase

    One very happy customer! Will be buying more to compliment this one, just can’t decide which design to get next!

    Great Gift Idea!!

    Bought this as a gift for my wife. We really like the feel of candles around the house but are terrible at restocking them when they’ve burned out. No such problem with LED ones! The wife was well impressed when I showed her the music dancing mode. Some serious brownie points for me there!

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